Twins and Multiples

Breastfeeding twins and multiples

Often twins and multiples come into the world early, and face challenges with breastfeeding and with development.  Since their structures have not fully grown and their nervous systems are immature, specialized help can make a big difference in their little lives.

Early Twin Arrivals

Our twins were born 7 weeks early. While healthy and growing at two months old, each had her feeding problems. 

At first Rachel was frantic, biting and a slow eater. We had to just pump & bottle, as she was not breastfeeding at all. After one session, Rachel was able to exclusively breastfeed.

Lana who was gassy with a hard tummy, fussed during feeds and spit up lots. Since Rachael is also now able to nurse, our life is greatly simplified all around.  — Megan

Triplet tales: It take a village

We were committed to breastfeeding, and we needed everyone’s help to make it possible. Each baby had his/her own little challenges in the beginning. All three babies were snuggled tightly together in utero. Babies P and A were heads down, while baby W was head up.  A month of prelabor contractions along with their positions shaped each head and ability to latch differently. — Mama J

Certified Lactation Counselor, trained to support breastfeeding families with a wide range of common concerns

Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, trained at the highest level as a medical staff to address complex breastfeeding conditions, such as cleft palette, early prematurity, breast reduction, adoption, chestfeeding and more.