Profound challenges

If your baby has arrived into your arms with profound challenges, my first wish is that you be blessed with a strong community of support. May you and your child be buoyed up with helpers who gather around you, and may you have courage in strong hearts.

Parents can tap into your child’s innate inner resourcesFind help to fulfill what your child is capable of.

Innate resources within

Every child has developmental resources with himself. We can awaken your child’s own developmental drivers through simple activities and hands-on support. I can provide you with a day-to-day home program that helps you meet your little one in complete acceptance and delight in who she is, and nudge development along. 

Prematurity or intrauterine growth restriction may change the pace of your baby’s development. Babies may come in the world with genetic anomalies that create delay or structural anomalies that require extensive medical procedures. Some young children experience toxic exposures that shut down development or reverse it.  I team with integrative therapists to address your child’s health issues. With gentle touch and developmental support I can help buoy up your child’s developmental and healing processes. You will learn specific activities for a responsive relationship with your child to help her move along.

High risk for delays

My son Henry was born with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). As a yoga instructor, I connected immediately with using natural movements to ‘wake up’ neurological pathways. Henry has flourished and I no longer worry about his development. I learned so much about Henry and about child development each time we had a session.


A developmental journey with Down Syndrome

Carson was born with Down syndrome. He struggled with breastfeeding and some motor skill delays. After a very slow start, Carson is now breastfeeding full time! 

During each session with Catherine I feel she addresses the immediate developmental concerns in a thorough, gentle and caring way, while always keeping the underlying neurological development process in mind and building the foundation for future development and growth. Carson has thrived under Catherine’s care and I strongly believe we have received the best support possible to also maximize his future potential.

Carson’s Mama

Rebuilding from traumatic injury

Our daughter’s traumatic birth resulted in a brain injury. I was very concerned about both physical and emotional damages it caused to her. While we were in NICU I found an article that Catherine wrote. It focused on birth trauma and how children could be helped to process the trauma to ease the negative effects. I knew we wanted to see her. I was amazed to see the changes in my daughter as Catherine worked on her. She taught us and provided videos of our sessions so we could bring the work home.

Matt Nupen

Leaps & bounds

Shelby was diagnosed with central hypotonia and global development delays.  At 11 months old, after working with developmental movement therapy, Shelby started making progress by leaps and bounds, when she sat up for the first time from lying down. A few days later she was army crawling and just last week, a few days before she turned one, she started crawling on all fours. She is a brand new little girl. She has so much self-confidence now and is so proud of herself.

Jolie Joy

Breathing with ease

Levi was born with a rib displaced, which the medical team said was structural. Catherine showed us how we could release tight muscles around it so the rib would settle in with its neighbors. She explained that since Levi’s breathing had been stressed, these muscles retracted. We see this play out when he has a cold, and now we are able to help release Levi’s ribs for easier breathing whenever he needs it.

-Dannell Shu

Help for your child's journey