Newborn care

Well child from the beginning

Are you concerned about your newborn’s well-being or development?  The first weeks are filled with changes. Catherine can help ease the way for parents and baby when your little one has challenges.  She offers gentle, powerful early interventions that provide your newborn with the best start.  You can offer your baby playful, essential developmental activities from the beginning and going forward through the first year.  And you can get help when you’re facing hard issues.

Colic & sleep   

  • Inconsolable crying
  • Screaming cries
  • Baby not sleeping without constant attention 

Difficult start  

  • Concerns for baby in pregnancy
  • Difficult birth
  • Heavy bruising at birth
  • Coning at birth
  • Medical procedures

Signs for concern   

  • Ridges, flat areas & uneven shape of head
  • Uneven eyes, ears, face
  • Uneven movement of arms or legs
  • Tense body or hands
  • More early signs for concern at this link


  • When baby is struggling to feed well
  • When mom is in pain

Best start for baby

  • Well baby care
  • Help with tummy time 
  • Developmental support

Developmental delay and profound challenges    

  • Prematurity
  • Genetic anomalies 

Baby tense & nursing painful after a difficult birth

Our son had a tough birth. It often hurt me when he nursed, especially on one side. Jonah frequently seemed uncomfortable and didn’t like being touched on one side of his neck. After our first session I realized it didn’t hurt to nurse anymore. After our second session, Jonah’s digestive system was much better, and he started sleeping better. Jonah now is much more relaxed and content in his body. –  Alicia Dunning

Best start for baby

As your baby grows through the first year she undergoes major developmental stages in every aspect of her being.  Your baby’s emerging mind develops through movement, touch and relationship.  Essential developmental movements in the first year support her emerging mind and physicality, As parents you can provide the best start for your baby for growth and well-being in simple play activities.

Help for your child's journey