Difficult start

Even with our best efforts, some babies come into the world with challenges. Your baby may have faced prenatal issues.  Then, being born is an intense experience, and it is not unusual for your child to have impacts from a difficult birth.  Some little ones face hard times in their newborn days.  Craniosacral therapy is deeply calming, gentle and adaptive for a taxed nervous system.

Some infants experience developmental delay with lagging milestones.  Other children are hindered by more profound challenges. Developmental movement therapy combined with craniosacral helps children fulfill their own capacities.

Recovery from intense birth

My baby had been trying to resolve the intensity of his birth journey for a month.  The communication between Alden and I has improved greatly since we last met. Thank you for helping Alden work through his distress and birth experience.  – Rachel

Prenatal issues

  • Was your baby restricted in movement in utero?
  • Was your pregnancy very stressful?
  • Did your baby or babies arrive prematurely?

Your baby’s in utero experience may have significant impacts on your child’s structure and emotional states. Discomforts and pain during pregnancy or stress impact your growing baby inside, as well as resulting in a more difficult birth. 

Restricted movement during pregnancy, from desk jobs to bedrest, not only limits a mother’s ability to move, but so restricts your baby’s movement. Movement restrictions may affect the alignment of your baby’s bones, resulting in problems with difficult birth, breastfeeding, unusual shape of eyes and ears, and unusual movement patterns. 

In the early years the growing bones allow gentle, effective adjustment with craniosacral therapy. Developmental movement therapy corrects many movement issues, and fosters easy development of your baby’s sense of self, emotional balance and attention asset.

You have many avenues to support your baby during pregnancy, infancy and childhood. I provide prenatal care for women and can help resolve issues during pregnancy. If your baby’s prenatal time was difficult, we can help her now that she has arrived.

Difficult birth 

  • Did you & baby have a very intense labor?
  • Did you & baby have a very long labor?
  • Did you & baby have a very short intense labor?
  • Was your baby stuck during labor?
  • Was a vacuum or forceps used to bring your baby out at the end?

You and your baby can experience the intensity of birth as powerful and empowering. Yet a baby’s birth journey makes a deep imprint on his structure, including displaced bones.

Whether your baby was able to actively partner in birth (vaginal, mostly unmedicated birth) or was passive creates a template for her lifelong approach to learning and how she processes emotions.

A very difficult birth may create trauma or shock that affects many systems of the child, both physical and emotional. Mothers may also be in trauma or shock after a difficult birth. I provide hands-on help and support for emotional processing if you and your baby have had difficult birth. Reduce the risks of traumatic birth through informed health choices and Spinning Babies®.

Timely help

Craniosacral therapy made a huge difference in getting us through the first few days of feeding and new parenting.  

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Baby frantic & frustrated

Úna was born after a very long labor and an extended pushing stage. I didn’t have any concept that the difficult and lengthy labor could impact breastfeeding, but something was wrong. Úna was clearly very frustrated, and she had difficulty latching. Her eyes were tense, her brow was furrowed, and she was pushing on her mouth with her fists. She seemed to be frantic in everything that she did. 

I dreaded every feeding and cried through them. While Úna was biting down on my breast I was biting my finger and stomping my feet.    

After our work with Catherine, Úna has a much better latch, more open suck, and she is settling into a better rhythm. She is more comfortable and relaxed in her eyes and hands, and while breastfeeding. Nursing is vastly more comfortable for me, too.     – Adriana


The first hours of meeting you and all his first experiences imprint your vulnerable baby. 

  • Are you and baby struggling to connect because everything is so hard?
  • Did your newborn experience problems right at the start? Difficulties breathing?
  • Was your baby separated from you at birth?
  • Did you newborn undergo medical procedures?
  • Did she have ongoing challenges with breastfeeding?
  • Do you have other concerns for your newborn?

Developmental delay

Your child has innate resources within herself that we can awaken for his development.  In therapy sessions we will develop an individualized home program to help your child move along in mastery learning and milestones.

Profound challenges

When your child has profound developmental or medical challenges, Catherine offers connection with your child and guidance with somatic therapy. She teaches parents and caregivers gentle hands-on touch and how to create developmental movement opportunities at home.  We can respect your child just as he is, while we support him in fulfilling all that he is capable of.

Help for your child's journey