Child development

Play to learn

Play is the natural state of learning for all of us, children and adults. During play we experience a flowing sense of activity and time. In play we are comfortable in our own skins, meeting the moment with curiosity and wonder. 

From the beginning babies and toddlers are active participants in their own development. Developmental movements are natural activities that enable your child to develop in every arena of his little being: emotional balance, secure sense of self, attention and thinking, as well as core strength and alignment.

Developmental support for your well child

If your child is lagging or skipping milestones we can move development along through developmental movement therapy sessions and a dedicated home program. Parents learn to read small cues and how to relate to your unique child in mindfulness.

Developmental support for your child with challenges

The full range of therapeutic approaches for well children are brought to your child with challenges.  Whether she is experiencing developmental delay or profound challenge, she can fulfill her innate capacities through simple, powerful play.

Babies and toddlers

Give your baby the best start with developmental movements that develop both his body and mind.  Help your toddler during his early formative years.

Moving development along

Your child loves to move, and naturally does developmental movements when given the opportunity.  Your child’s first ways of learning are through movement, touch and relationship.  You bring it all together for your child. Understanding the developmental movements can be a source of joy and insight as you parent your ever-changing child. Simple activities like tummy time are very important and underlie future development.  A child’s birth journey makes a difference. We can always revisit movements and help earlier developmental activities to fulfill.

Your home program

In therapy sessions Catherine creates your child’s home program that meets your child where they are developmentally and helps her move forward in their innate abilities. Parents learn simple practices that support healthy development of your child’s emotional balance, attention asset and learning readiness. Your child’s love of movement can be a source of joy and insight into mindfulness as you parent your ever-changing child.

Mindful parent/Mindful child

Mindful parenting fosters a mindful child. Bringing awareness to the experience of yourself and to your child fosters a deep trust within each of you.  Your child grows in confidence in his ability to engage with others and the world, while you grow in confidence in parenting. Understanding how movement supports development of the mind, parents can honor the innate wisdom of the body-mind as it unfolds through childhood and parenthood.

Tummy time for developmental play

We came to see Catherine because our son Torgor was unhappy on his tummy and as a result not exploring with rolling over, crawling or getting into a sitting position from lying down. Catherine worked with him and also taught us techniques so that we could work with him at home. She did a fantastic job listening to our specific concerns.


No longer a passive observer

Sean had overall delays in movement, social interaction and speech.  Sean wasn’t able to lift his head up or to sit on his own.  He began to reach for toys, to develop strength and to move around the room.  With his increasing ability to go for it, Sean’s language started coming in, and then took off in grand leaps. 


Developmental delay

Every child contains within themselves the capacity to develop. If your child experiences developmental delay, their inner resources for neuro-development can be awakened through playful developmental movement therapy and gentle touch therapies. Catherine enables your growing child to move towards her developmental milestones and find her way past the labels. Catherine teaches you how to support your little one in daily life.

Profound challenge

Children may be born with profound challenges or experience toxic exposures that stop development or reverse development. Gather the support of holistic practitioners to address the multidimensional issues that your child faces.

Powerful, playful help when your child is challenged

The simple activities of developmental movement therapy are rooted in neurodevelopment to support your child’s growing brain. Catherine teaches parents how to create opportunities for your child to fulfill all that she is capable of learning.

Help for your child's journey