Where are you on your journey?

Better alignment makes for an easier pregnancy and birth. Learn the movements and positions that make a difference now, and that prepare you and your partner to bring your baby into the world. Spinning Babies® Parent Class for couples teaches parents what to do when, now and at birth. Gentle myofascial bodywork releases aches and pains.

Help for the tender days of breastfeeding when you and baby are facing difficulties. Gentle bodywork for your baby and support for mama to settle into easy, painless feeding.

Help your baby recover from the intensity of birth, settle into their little body and sleep well. Gentle hands-on release for your baby and guidance on how you can help them day to day.

Birth is intense, you may be on a hormonal roller coaster, and now you’re tending a baby who calls on you continually. Effective, gentle somatic myofascial bodywork helps to recover from birth and bring your body and mind into new balance as a mother and parent.

Hands-on support for developmental activities, parenting guidance and home programs create the best beginning for your little one’s body and mind.

Somatic bodywork in support of your personal path to meet uncertainties & adventures. Relieve discomforts & awaken inner resources for authenticity & personal fulfillment as you set your own course.

Feel connections between body & mind that release tension, bring balance, help systems function together well & support development.